DCI Solutions brings a holistic cybersecurity philosophy to every client, program and project, which is based upon the tenets of Identify, Protect, Detect, React, Respond and Recover. Our team of highly experienced professionals are uniquely postured to integrate all aspects of cybersecurity into myriad system architectures. DCI Solutions focuses on aggressively expanding our clients’ viewpoints on the full scope of engineering and compliance-focused cybersecurity services and solutions.

Services & Solutions
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Software Assurance Engineering
  • System Security Engineering
  • Cyber Threat Hunt / Pen Testing
  • Security Posture Assessment
  • Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO)
  • Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO)
  • DevSecOps Security Engineering
  • CMMC Consulting & Solutions Engineering
    *Future offering

Healthcare IT & Administration Management

DCI Solutions’ team consists of executive and technical staff with decades of healthcare IT experience, including designing, developing and implementing government IT systems at all levels. We support government clients with data gathering, analysis and streamlining processes to help make mission-critical decisions. Additionally, DCI Solutions has expertise in migrating older systems to new technologies, as well as redesigning systems to help reduce ongoing operational and maintenance costs. We also offer experience with large-scale data integration between the private sector and government systems.

As a leading provider of healthcare administration management and IT services for federal and private sector clients, our services are designed to increase client productivity and revenue. We improve internal FTE resources utilization and patient relationships, fortify IT infrastructure, solve problems using healthcare domain datasets and analytics, and interpret healthcare quality measures policies and legislative mandates into data analytic solutions. We provide industry-leading solutions using cloud production systems, machine learning and/or text analytics data ingestion to support client needs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Experienced in developing innovative technologies from lab to production, our approach to AI/ML focuses on surmounting the challenges presented by the data labeling and scalability of traditional approaches. With a track record of delivering successful solutions to our clients, DCI Solutions offers deep expertise in using self-supervised learning. Our models create internal representations of data even when there is a lack of labeled data, high-quality data labeling and small data. Building customized models, we create solutions using industry best practices tailored to unique data paradigms. We take the time, designing algorithms to particular use-cases to maintain predictive power within the available computer architecture — from handheld devices to high-performance computing clusters. DCI Solutions has shared research papers at top-tier international conferences while assisting our client’s transition partners and peer organizations using these proven principles.

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