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CyFormer transforms your organization’s data, network and cybersecurity systems using realtime artificial intelligence technology.


CyFormer leverages attention-based deep learning transformer technology, devoting greater focus to small yet significant pieces of data. CyFormer’s self-supervised model uses machine learning to identify and differentiate between extraneous and pertinent data points in realtime. Combining these techniques with the NLP (Natural Language Processor), CyFormer contextualizes data to detect threats quickly and precisely while generating customizable outputs that enable swift action.

  • Detects threats with high accuracy, speed and precision with adjustable sensitivity
  • Aggregates customizable scores for Anomaly Reports based on organization-specific needs
  • Runs on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), allowing CyFormer to run several tasks simultaneously while optimizing its processing power
  • Integrates seamlessly, strengthening existing cyber security systems
  • Adapts continuously to your organization’s environment and risk tolerance
  • Scales effortlessly, supporting organizations with dozens, hundreds or thousands of users with ease
  • Detects threats with high accuracy and precision in less than 60 seconds
  • Configures customizable outputs for your unique data needs
  • Fits into any network, from cloud-based to traditional to virtual machines

Seamless Network Integration with Zero-trust Framework

Supplementing conventional cybersecurity systems, CyFormer works with traditional cybersecurity methods to ensure maximum protection. It integrates into existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, providing alerts in an open format. Employing a zero-trust security framework to bolster SIEM systems, CyFormer assumes no users within the network are implicitly authenticated. Modeling all users in this way helps protect against external and internal threats.

How It Works

Analyze Raw Data
Translate using NLP Engine
Generate Anomaly Reports

CyFormer Safeguards Your Sensitive Data

CyFormer is a game-changer for entities consistently under threat and requiring advanced cyber and network security.

Its intelligent technology and customizable model works within existing security platforms creating a solution unique to your organization. It enhances data protection by automating and anticipating potential breaches or misuse. It learns a network’s normalities, flagging anomalies in-real time for threats and threat evaluation. In short, CyFormer takes your data security to the next level while remaining cost-effective due to its ability to scale to an organization’s needs.


CyFormer is powered by adept artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) experts at DCI Solutions. These published and highly cited technology professionals bridge the gap between their on-site lab equipped with top-of-the-line hardware and the realworld applications of their work. The team specializes in bringing algorithms from raw data, identifying signals from the noise of data to achieve results that surpass the limitations of traditional AI/ML

How Does CyFormer Diverge from Traditional Cybersecurity?

Conventional cybersecurity methods are akin to building walls around an organization’s valuable digital assets, hence the term firewall. Once effective on its own, today, this approach suffers from the potential for insider threats to disarm the network perimeter. While such models can guard against known threats through a shared knowledge base, this defense mechanism is effective only if the threat is recognized. This is what differentiates CyFormer. If network behavior is “not normal,” CyFormer will flag it as a potential threat.

As corporate networks trend toward a distributed workforce, assets are typically no longer centrally located, requiring a new approach to security. CyFormer’s zero-trust methods hone in on security, protecting your data through a holistic combination of modeling, monitoring and enforcement.

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Transform your organization’s cybersecurity with CyFormer’s advanced data protection.

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