Our Approach

Quality over quantity

Focus on key people supporting critical customers.

Slow, measured growth in sync with our customers’ requirements and outlook.

Relationships before business

Relationships between staff and key customers based on mutual trust and forged through years of working side-by-side on challenging projects.

Build long-term sustainable partnerships between customer and contractor rather than simply providing “bodies.”

Do a few things and do them well

Purposeful tailoring of skill-sets and hiring initiatives to align to company focus areas and customer needs (customer “pull” rather than company “push”).

Deep technical chops in-house and a proven ability to reach out to consult with other SMEs whenever required by our customers.

Government Solutions

DCI is an experienced government contractor, serving in both prime and partner relationships.
  • PEO C3T
  • Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER)
  • ATEC
  • Army Futures Command (AFC)
  • Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)
  • Space Force
  • FBI
  • HQDA
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

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